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The handmade rugs, whether of the Persian rugs or the Oriental ones as well as Area rugs need more than simple vacuuming or other conventional cleaning techniques. Every handmade rug is different from the other; yes, even the two rugs that come in a pair differ from each other! The differences are based on the construction material, manufacturing process, weaving style of different weavers etc. Handwoven rugs are quite expensive and can get damaged, if regular cleaning isn't done pr if they're not carefully handled while cleaning. You must, therefore hire only expert rug cleaning services for such rugs. With over 28 years of carpet and rug cleaning, we know exactly how to handle every type of rug. We employ different cleaning methodologies for different types of rugs to remove odors, stains and pollutants without harming the rugs. Your search for a reliable and experienced rug cleaner in ​Baton Rouge, Louisiana ends here!

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Why should you to avoid carpet cleaners when it comes to area rugs? Find out here.

We know perfect approaches to neatly clean any rug type

  • Flokati Rug Cleaning
  • Tufted Rug Cleaning
  • Turkish Rug Cleaning
  • Navajo Rug Cleaning
  • Pakistani Rug Cleaning
  • Sheepskin Rug Cleaning
  • Antique Rug Cleaning
  • Silk Rug Cleaning
  • Cotton Rug Cleaning
  • Navajo Rug Cleaning
  • Wool/Silk Rug Cleaning
  • Synthetic Rug Cleaning


Steam cleaning is one of the most widely used method of cleaning area rugs. This method is not only inefficient, but also dangerous for the longevity of your rug. It doesn't clean your area rug from deep within as it affects only the top surface. Moreover, it damages the fabric of the rug. So, be careful while choosing an area rug cleaner in ​Baton Rouge, Louisiana and only trust the best.


With almost three decades in the rug cleaning business, we've not just established our name as one of the most trusted rug cleaners in Baton Rouge, but have also devised safe and effective methods of rug cleaning. We never use toxic chemicals for short-term cleaning, but only use our in-house detergents manufactured using organic constituents. The exact composition of this safe detergent depends upon the rug type and stains. Toxic chemicals not only endanger the cleaners and user, but also your rug.


Once you choose our services, we'll pickup your dirty rug from your home and deliver it perfectly cleaned back at your doorstep in and around Baton Rouge. This is what we call complete care! With our advanced drying methods, you get the fastest turnaround time and you can stay updated about the step-by-step cleaning of your rug. Using the unique tracking ID, you can also see photos of all the 11 steps of our cleaning method.

How much does rug cleaning cost?

Our rug cleaning services are customized as per your rug type and its state. Hence, providing a list of charges isn't possible. Please contact our 24/7 customer care center for a free quote.

How long does it take?

If it's only a cleaning job, your rug will be delivered back to you within a week. However, if there's a requirement of any repairs, the time will increase and an estimated delivery date will be informed to you before commencing the work.

How often should I clean my rug?

The frequency of cleaning depends upon the amount of dirt that your rug is exposed to, which, in turn is dependent on the foot traffic that it gets. However, it should be cleaned at least once in two years to maintain its durability and serviceability.

What is your service area?

We offer pickup & delivery anywhere in Baton Rouge, Baker, Central City, Denham Springs, Gardere, Gonzales, Merrydale, Shenandoah, Zachary, Prairieville. Other areas may be covered as well, please call for more information.

Will "X" stain come out of my rug?

While foot traffic and food stains can mostly be removed through washing with suitable detergents, persistent marks left by blood, urine, wine, tea or coffee are difficult to handle. Harsh methods employed by many rug cleaners may be able to remove these, but such methods will take a toll on your rug's life. Our organic detergents are not only harmless for your rug's fabric and colors, they're extremely effective in killing bacteria and germs. We use spot treatment for stubborn stains; you can find more about these techniques on our stain removal page.

Great! How do I get started?

You're welcome to drop your rug at our service station anytime during our business hours. If you want to use our pickup and delivery services or if you've got any queries, simply call us at (225) 277-8911

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