Our 11 Step Area Rug Deep Cleaning Process


Our specialists examine your rug's type and condition in your presence to determine its material, construction and the effort that may be required to clean it. Thereafter, we intimate the likely problems that may occur while cleaning the rug and the proposed methodology of cleaning to you. We also inform you about the existing issues like moth damages, rips, discoloration or color intermixing etc. We propose a treatment for these issues based on the your rug's material and type. You'll be given an estimated cost of cleaning and repairing of your rug. Our representative will also brief you about our cleaning process. If you agree with the cost and want us to go ahead with the process, we'll take up the job and give you a unique job tracking ID, with which you can keep track of the status of your work.


The first step of the cleaning process is to immerse your rug in a pool of water to get it completely wet from both the sides. The pool contains cold water as hot water can endanger your rug's original dye. This loosens up the settled dirt and dust that's trapped deep inside the pores of your rug. French drains ensure that your rug is constantly under fresh water. Although this might seem simple, it shouldn't be tried at home to avoid irreparable damages to your rug.


This step constitutes a lot of hard work as our experienced and highly trained cleaners scrub your rug by using hand brushes. These brushes are specially designed to clean the corners and borders without damaging your rug's fabric. Manual cleaning allows our cleaners to concentrate on stained portions and our customized detergent helps us to remove the marks without causing any damages to your rug.


Our organic detergents are safe for your rug's dye while being extremely effective in stain removal. We customize our detergent based on your rug. This customized detergent is used on the surface area of the rug. In some cases, enzymes may also be used to help in the removal of food particles from rug's surface. Once the detergent is applied on the surface, our hand-operated deep cleaning duster having log leather strips works its magic on your rug. As the fast spinning leather strips strike out the dirt from the deepest pores, you rug is left completely clean. Being waterproof, the duster's extra long strips kick out the deep-rooted dust with the force of water combined with its high speed. This single step is more effective than the entire cleaning processes of most of the rug cleaners in Baton Rouge. You can have a look at some of the before and after images depicting our work. This step also enlivens your rug's fibers to enhance its life.

Note : Delicate rugs can't withstand this process and hence, we have an alternative step for such thin rugs. Our double dry/steam cleaning process using organic natural detergents is effective for the delicate rugs as it's gentle yet effective.


In order to completely remove all the dirt from your rug, it's rinsed once more in the detergent. This step plays an essential role in the removal of all the remaining dirt from your rug.


This is another labor intensive step in which our team spades your rug to remove the pollutants that are still left inside the pores of your rug. This is done by our trained spade technicians, to remove the remaining after the preceding steps. The video clip shows how it's accomplished and you can see that the water that comes out of the rug is initially dark gray. The color of the draining water keeps becoming lighter in subsequent cycles of flat spading. It's an important step and shouldn't be missed out as it not only eliminates the remaining dust particles, but also enhances your rug's life.


Most of the rug cleaners employ floor buffers as their main cleaning step because it's effective in removing the fine pollutants or dirt that's present on the rug's surface. We use the buffers as one of our final steps in cleaning as there may be some grime still left on the surface after the flat spade treatment. The fine brush bristles of the buffer help to eliminate fine layer of filth from the surface.


Our centrifugal rug wringer rotates at high speeds of around 2000 rpm removing almost 95% of the water from the rug in just a few minutes. It's one of the most effective and safe methods of water removal. Slow drying isn't bad just because it delays the cleaning process, but it's also detrimental to the rug's color and overall quality. This is why, you should never try to immerse your rugs completely in water at home. Even if you're able to achieve a decent cleaning, it'll all go waste and you'll end up ruining up your rug as it discolors and gets damaged due to slow drying.


The centrifugal drying action disturbs the natural alignment of your rug's fiber. Manual brushing undertaken by experienced rug cleaners returns the fibers in their original positions. There's no single brush for all types of rugs. Our special brushes are selected to suit your rug's material and construction, so that no damage is caused to your rug.


At this stage, your rug will still have a little bit of dampness, which may be compared to the moisture in your hair after it's dried with towel post shower. In order to completely it, we utilize two side-by-side processes. The rug is dried under the Louisiana sun, whenever it's available and is put inside a temperature controlled drying chamber, when the sun isn't available. The natural sun drying process evaporates all unpleasant odors along with the remaining moisture from your rug. Most of the rug cleaners aren't able to utilize this technique as they lack adequate space for the process.


After the rug is completely dry, our cleaners carry out vacuuming of the rug with special rug vacuums. This step is essential as some dust may have got settled on the rug, during the final drying process. It's our attention such small details that sets us apart from our competitors, who don't bother to even brush the rug after it's dried. Once this step is over, your rug is packed and delivered to you fresh and beautiful.

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