We hardly give the kind of recognition or importance to our rugs, as they deserve. Not that it'll matter to the rugs; however, it can certainly make you take more care of your rugs. By absorbing dust, allergens and even harmful microbes in their pores, they keep our homes and work-spaces clean and healthy. However, with prolonged usage and lack of cleaning, the pores between fibers of a rug get choked and hence the rug loses its capability to suck up dust and other particles. Although importance of regular vacuuming can't be overlooked, it's not always adequate; you must get your rugs cleaned from a professional rug cleaning service at least once in two years. This frequency of professional cleaning may need to be increased, if traffic is higher and/or the rug is exposed to more oil and grease particles. Professional cleaning involves cleaning the rug with special detergents and other chemicals based on the type of rug and stains on it. So, if you're looking to get your rugs cleaned in Baton Rouge, read carefully and make an informed decision. Why Do You Need a Professional Cleaner? Apart from providing an enriched aesthetic appearance, rugs perform many other essential tasks for us. Some of these functions and a few important points pertaining to are discussed in the subsequent sections.


When we enter our house or office, lot of pollutants like dirt, pollen, bacteria, soot etc also enter with us. These and more contaminants can enter without our assistance also. Rugs are the filters that absorb all these harmful particles and keep them trapped inside their pores. This way, the rugs provide you with stain-free floors as well as clean air. Contamination in the air is known to cause respiratory diseases among the residents. Hence, better air quality ensures better health for you and your family.


When your rug gets covered with dust, stains and grime, it not only loses its natural color, but even gets deprived of its original charm. Regular cleaning and maintenance are the keys to regain the lost glory of your rug. Just contact us and we'll bring your rug back to life through our expert rug cleaning process.


Contrary to common belief, it's not just the microbial beings that can cause damage to your rug. Some insects like moths, mites etc that get trapped between the fibers of your rug can also be equally damaging. These hidden critters eat up your rug and can even spread inside your house or work-space endangering your health by causing allergies and respiratory problems.


A good quality rug costs a huge amount and is made to serve you for generations, if proper care is taken. The minute particles of dust and grime deteriorate your rug's fibers through friction. If these particles are allowed to remain in the pores of your rug for a long duration, they can discolor and damage the fibers, thereby reducing the rug's durability. Regular vacuuming at home and periodic professional cleaning are helpful in maintaining your rug's life.


Microbes are microscopic organisms that get caught deep within your rug's pores. In a recent report published by a reputed team of scientists, it was highlighted that rugs and carpets are 4,000 times more dirty as compared to your toilet seats in terms of microbial contamination. These microbes easily spread throughout our house as we walk over them and move to other places like our bed or kitchen etc. Regular vacuuming and washing of the rugs and carpets are the only ways to control the spread of these dangerous microorganisms.

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