If you're looking for a service that can clean your rugs effectively and with safety, you must understand the difference between carpet cleaning and rug cleaning. Although most people can differentiate between a rug and a carpet, they fail to appreciate the gap between the cleaning services for them. Even the best carpet cleaners won't be able to provide appropriate rug cleaning service to you because of a limitation of their procedures, experience and tools. The material and dyes used as well as the type of construction of a carpet are completely different from that of a rug. These differences warrant entirely distinct approaches and specialized tools and detergents for each of these exquisite floor coverings. Therefore, whereas hiring a carpet cleaner can be effective to get your upholstery cleaned, it won't be effective and can even be detrimental to your rug's durability and life.

The above rug made of bamboo silk was cleaned by a renowned carpet cleaner. You can clearly see yellow stains around the rug's surface. Although these were caused by the carpet cleaning process, can you really blame them? They used their best known cleaning process, which they've been successfully using for cleaning carpets. However, this is where the problem occurs. The high pH chemical solutions which work wonders on heavy duty carpets can damage a delicate rug's fibers and dye. That's what has happened in this case also. In order to achieve best cleaning, they applied these hard chemicals in heavy concentration on the areas which had more stains. The second major reason for the damages to the above rug is the improper drying process employed. A carpet cleaner doesn't need the same extensive drying procedures that a rug demands. However, the kicker isn't the stains themselves, it's the fact that these stains weren't even there when the rug was delivered. The stains appeared after the user had already used it for a couple of days; as such marks reveal only after the rug completely drys out. All this meant that the carpet cleaner wouldn't take any part of the blame! Despite the extensive damages caused to the rug, we accepted the challenge of restoring it to its original glory. With decades of experience, custom-made detergents and the latest tools and technology, we were confident that we could fix the problem. And that we did! As you can see in the photograph on the right, the rug was saved and repaired through our rug cleaning and restoration process.


Carpets are generally made of synthetic fibers that have high resistance to heat and can sustain hard chemical treatment using steam cleaning. Most common synthetic materials used for manufacture of carpets are nylon, polyester and polypropylene, which are quite rugged. On the other hand, most rugs are made of natural fibers like cotton, wool and silk, which are intrinsically delicate and can't withstand heat and harsh chemicals. Unlike the smooth surface of synthetic fibers, natural fibers are rough and hence capture more dust and other impurities. Therefore, rugs not only require more frequent cleaning than a carpet, but also the cleaning process needs to be more exhaustive in comparison with that required for a carpet. The fine dust particles can damage the rug's delicate natural fibers by rubbing against them, if they're left unclean for long periods. These natural fibers of the rug also pose problems in the drying process. With age, the irregularities of a rug's fiber become even more pronounced, thereby making it increasingly difficult to clean an antique rug perfectly. The following pictures show a clear distinction between a rug's woolen fiber (top) and a synthetic carpet fiber (bottom).

Rug Fiber (Top) vs Carpet Fiber (Top)

In simple terms, rugs are an entirely different entity as compared to carpets and need a completely different approach towards their cleaning. While the best of carpet cleaners won't use adequate quantity of water to loosen the deep-settled dirt in your rug, they even lack the wherewithal to dry up the little amount of water that they use. That's the primary reason, why you shouldn't trust a carpet cleaner to clean your rug. In addition to an unnecessarily extended exposure to water, which is dangerous for your rug, the carpet cleaning process involves use of hard chemicals and steam cleaning technique. A combination of steam and severe chemicals can prove to be extremely damaging for your rug. This is because, unlike the synthetic fibers, the natural fibers of wool, silk or cotton are not sturdy enough to persist when exposed to heat and harsh chemicals. Apart from the materials and methods used, the cleaner's experience and expertise also matter a lot in effective and safe cleaning of your rugs. It takes an expert to ensure that cleaning procedures are followed correctly. Another point of difference is that while carpets are manufactured in mass production units enabling standardization of maintenance and cleaning processes, the rug owners and cleaners don't have that luxury. Every rug has its own peculiarities and has to be handled in a different manner. With almost three decades of cleaning rugs, we're proud to claim that we've the skills, the know-how, organic detergents, tremendous experience and most importantly, the correct attitude and patience to take good care of all types of rugs. While you need to have a high level of expertise to be a good rug cleaner, carpet cleaning is one of the easiest things to do, which is why it's a one of the most favored startups in America. Steam cleaning process is only effective for the top surface and doesn't remove the deep-rooted pollutants. The procedure utilizes a very small quantity of water, which is required to be dried out in less than 20 minutes. This modest exposure to water isn't adequate to remove dirt from deep pores of your rug; the harmful bacteria continue to flourish in the depths of the fibers. If you've ever got your rug cleaned from a carpet cleaner, you would've noticed that within a fortnight, the rug becomes almost as dirty as it was before cleaning. This happens because of two reasons. Firstly, as already mentioned, the rug wasn't cleaned from deep within and that's why it doesn't take long for it to appear dirty again. Secondly, the chemicals used in the cleaning process, only discolor the stains; these marks reappear as soon as the chemical evaporates. It's simply beyond the capability of a carpet cleaner to provide a reliable and safe cleaning job for your rug and hence, there's no point even trying it.

Following are a few more points, which leave no doubt that a carpet cleaning service isn't good enough for a rug cleaning task :

  • Carpet cleaning process concentrates only on the front portion of the rug, while the backside is just not cleaned. While such a technique may be alright for a carpet, a rug needs to be cleaned from both the sides.
  • Carpet cleaning process doesn't include dusting of the rug, which means that lot of dust remains trapped inside the pores.
  • The rug isn't immersed in water and hence, a large quantity of dirt doesn't get washed away.
  • Carpet cleaners don't carryout conditioning of the fiber after the cleaning procedure.
  • There's no customized attention paid to different types of stains and only standardized procedures are followed for all types of rugs.

As a matter of fact, if your rug has stains on it, the heat of the steam process will only make it more stubborn, thereby making its removal even more difficult and a costly proposition. A repeated application of steam will further increase the damage to your rug, which can subsequently leave your rug irreparably mutilated. The lack of hydration and raised temperature coupled with harsh chemicals of the steam cleaning procedure create a detrimental environment for your rug. If there are so many disadvantages of choosing a carpet cleaning service for getting your rug cleaned, then why do many Americans still commit the same mistake? Well, it's mainly because an average American likes the idea of giving the complete cleaning task including carpets, upholstery and rugs to a single cleaner. This is mainly because it's economical, convenient and takes lesser time. Your rug cleaning can't get any cheaper than $1.00 per sq foot, which is what's offered by carpet cleaners. Despite the initial savings on the cleaning costs, a steam cleaning process, which is the standard procedure employed by carpet cleaners proves to be far more expensive in the long run. Your rug loses its durability and beauty, which means that you end up paying to buy another rug.


Fixr, the premium home remodeling adviser mentions that the average cost of rug cleaning can be around $2.00 - 5.00 for a sq ft. If you're having this question in your mind, it indicates that you're not yet convinced about choosing a high quality rug cleaning service. However, if you choose a mediocre rug cleaning service with an aim to save a few dollars, you may end up spoiling your precious rug. Here's why you should go for a good rug cleaner :

  1. When you select us to provide you rug cleaning service, you get to benefit from our decades of experience. Our specialists have been in the rug cleaning business for generations. Our experts can judge the type of your rug and its present condition by simply looking at it. We have different types of detergents for different types of rugs and we'll propose the best process for cleaning your rug.

  2. We have state-of-the-art machinery to assist our experienced cleaners. Our organic detergent that's customized just for your rug cleans your rug without any possibilities of damages to your rug. Our centrifuge drying system is highly efficient and can eliminate over 95% of the water from your rug in a few minutes only.

  3. The sheer volume of our business allows us to offer you the most competitive prices, while not compromising with the cleaning quality. Our costs are almost comparable to those of the steam cleaning process. Another added side-advantage is that when you get your rug cleaned by an expert cleaner, the frequency of cleaning required reduces to a large extent.

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